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Apr, 2021


Good morning, and yes this week has been long and grinding!
This website has been an adventure, I'm really not enjoying for multiple reasons.
The two most important reasons;
- Additional fees that are not reasonable and I will NOT force on anyone
- Have gone in MULTIPLE times to administer the precise process through the website, so you all can register your son or daughter in Jr Warriors Football for the 2021 season.......and still multiple errors are coming up, not making it easy for people to register.

You can still try and answer the needed questions, with info needed of your son or daughter through the website. Just finalize the entry as if you'll send check via US Mail, pay through Venmo or pay through PayPal.......after completing online registration or printing off manual forms to complete (send via US Mail or scan and email). Send a follow-up email to [email protected] and I will communicate next steps to complete registration. At this time, DO NOT PAY ANY FEES THROUGH THE WEBSITE.

Some of the errors people are experiencing are simply bizarre. I have tripled and quadruple checked, and I fully believe I have the website 100% set correctly. But, as one error reported, someone was asked to pay $400.........DO NOT PAY $400.

On Monday, I'll be calling SportsConnect one last time to see if we can get these bizarre errors corrected.  I suspect we'll ask more of the manual registration forms to be completed........manual forms available on one of three previous NEWS articles last week here on website. You can come to WHS on April 17 (today) and May 1st between 9am & 1pm to complete forms in person, and you can always email me and I can send form to you.

In the meantime, it's 6:00am CST, Saturday, April 17th and I'm now getting excited. As from 9am to 1pm today. I'll be just inside the front entrance at Westside High School, 8701 Pacific Street. All to see our old and new 2021 Jr Warrior Football kids faces, during our first in-person registration for the 2021 season. Coach Sich can't wait to see those from the past, and all the new! Exciting times! Although #FingersCrossed we can get website difficulties resolved. Deeply apologize.  #GoWarriors